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Sleep Posture Mattress

Wake up rested & free from back pain

You spend 1/3rd of your life in bed. Make sure your mattress works for you as you sleep.

We’ve clinically researched ours to make sure it provides you with pressure relief AND postural management, so you can wake up rested and free from back pain.

When you optimise your sleep posture, your muscles get a chance to properly relax and recover through the night. Unlike anything that contains memory foam, the Levitex mattress helps you do this, instead of remembering your bad posture.

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So what’s in a Levitex Mattress?


We’ve designed, researched and engineered our mattress to support your sleep posture. It’s 100% foam, with the base being made out of 10cm of high resistance foam and the top 10cm being pure Levitex foam. 

Levitex foam is soft like traditional foam to provide comfort and pressure relief, yet firm to ensure amazing postural support.

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No springs, no pockets, no 640 quadrants, no layers of outdated technology. Just a clinically proven, pressure reducing, posture improving, Levitex foam mattress.

Experience a still and restful night’s sleep: you won’t feel your partner move and turn over. Our mattress is not temperature sensitive either, so the performance of the foam will not be affected whether it’s -20C or +40C.

Available in four standard UK sizes: single, double, king and super king.

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Levitex Gravity Defying Mattress

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Reduce pain and help your posture as you sleep

Optimising your sleep posture is the cheat’s way to a good night’s sleep.

We are continuously fighting against gravity.  If your body sinks into your mattress, you cannot control your posture. It is really as simple as that.

Controlling your posture at night allows you to fight gravity and maintain a good spinal alignment.

Combine your Levitex mattress with the Levitex pillow to reap the full benefits, which include…

Reducing your lower back pain

Improving your digestion and circulation

Boosting your energy levels

Lessening the tension in your neck and shoulders

Increasing your lung capacity

Improving your core strength

Clinically Evidenced


Posture Management

Pressure Relieving

Temperature Unaffected

Clinically Evidenced


Posture Management

Pressure Relieving

Temperature Unaffected

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It took 5 years to get our revolutionary foam right. Our goal was simple: to create something as soft as memory foam, and as firm as a sprung mattress.

We knew we had succeeded when we got our first Levitex foam prototype. The way the foam works is that at 25% compression (light squeeze), the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze) the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

Pressure relief + postural management + proprioception

Pressure +

Posture +



Posture Experts, on a mission to educate the world about the importance of nighttime posture and to give people the tools to improve it.

Our founder, James Leinhardt, has spent 10+ years helping the critically injured, the chronically ill, and the infirm patients. He spotted a key gap in the way we think about posture: there is no consideration for how to manage it at night.

James took his idea to Dr Ilan Lieberman, a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician, and that’s how Levitex was born.

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The complete sleep system

Why not pair your Levitex Mattress with one of our supportive Levitex Pillows?



💤 Which is the best mattress for back pain?

To help get rid of your back pain as you sleep, choose a mattress that helps you maintain a correct sleep posture at night. The best mattress for back pain will be approved by posture specialists, firm enough to not allow you to sink into it, yet soft enough to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

💤 How do I prevent waking up with back pain?

To prevent waking up with back pain, ensure that you maintain a good posture during the day, and sleep on a mattress that helps you optimise your sleeping position during the night, too.

💤 What sleeping position is best for neck pain?

When choosing a mattress to help your back pain, ensure that the material it is made of is clinically researched to reduce pressure on your body, as this is one of the main causes of back pain. The best mattress for back pain will not be too soft or too firm either – but rather somewhere exactly in between. However, it is not recommended that you choose a memory foam mattress, as while these are great for redistributing pressure, they also mould to your body and solidify bad sleep posture habits

💤 Can your mattress impact how your back feels in the morning?

Yes, the mattress that you sleep on will be one of the biggest factors in whether you wake up with back pain. Aim to choose a mattress that is specifically made to help ease back pain if you suffer from it. However, even if you do not suffer from back pain, choosing a mattress that is made to aid it, will help you prevent back pain in the future.

💤 Is memory foam good for back pain?

No, as the name indicates, memory foam will memorise the position in which you sleep. If this position is bad for your back (which is likely if you have back pain), then you will find yourself stuck in a cycle of being unable to improve it.