The best pillow for neck pain

Wake up rested and pain free


Levitex® pillow - the best pillow for reducing neck pain

Improve your sleep posture and help your body recover whilst you sleep.

Improve your sleep posture

Neck pain pillow that solves the core problem

Your search for the best pillow for neck pain is completed. Welcome to the world of Levitex foams.

The story of Levitex begins with James. Our founder has dedicated his working life to helping critically injured and acutely ill patients with their postural care, including chronic back and neck pain.

James saw the benefits of maintaining a good sleep posture first-hand and realised that no one was talking about it. So, he teamed up with Dr Ilan Lieberman, a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician. Together, they developed Levitex Foam, and what would later become the Levitex pillow for neck pain.

The optimum pillow for pain relief

Get rid of neck pain as you sleep on your pillow

Posture? It is the eternal fight against gravity. When you sleep, why would you want your head to sink into a pillow?  That would be helping gravity, rather than counteracting it. Our pillows do not only help back and neck pain. They also aid your fight against gravity.

Using a Levitex® Pillow will…

Improve your sleep posture

Reduce your lower back pain

Improve your digestion and circulation

Lessen tension in neck and shoulders

Boost your energy levels

Increase your lung capacity

Increase your core strength

You didn’t know that a pillow could do all this, did you? Welcome to the revolutionary world of Levitex foam pillows.

For perfect posture and a neck pain free life

The Levitex® Pillow for neck pain

Could something so simple be so good? Yes, and the benefits are here for you to reap. There is no fancy shape. In fact, we thought it would make sense to design our pillow to fit into any regular pillowcase.

Similarly, there is no fancy piping, just an ergonomically shaped pillow, filled with our patented Levitex Foam.

Our pillows are amazing for neck pain, but they are also amazing at tackling its core causes. We address the main problems with sleep: posture, pressure and proprioception. In other words, your ideal sleep starts at the head of the bed, on a pillow that actually supports your head. This enables perfect spine alignment, which is why you wake up feeling so good and rested. If you have never heard of good sleep posture before, you are about to become obsessed with its benefits.

Find your perfect pillow:


An 8cm deep pillow
for children or for people with a small frame that sleep on their back.




A 10cm deep pillow
for people with a medium frame that sleep on their back.




A 12cm deep pillow
recommended for people with a medium frame that sleep on their side.



Extra Large

A 14cm deep pillow
recommended for people with a large frame that sleep on their side.



What is all the fuss really about?

Revolutionary Levitex® Foam to help your neck pain

We have developed our revolutionary foam pillow with postural care specialists, pain medicine consultants, physios, and professional athletes. So, we could use a lot of fancy words to describe it. However, the truth of its main feature is very simple.

Levitex foam is soft like a traditional memory foam, but firm like a sprung mattress, all in one composition. At 25% compression (light squeeze) the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze) the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

In conclusion, Levitex pillows are truly as close to gravity defying as you can get on Earth.

Comparison of Levitex® Pillow for neck pain with typical pillow types

“I have had a bad neck for the last year, had scans, physio, changed the mattress, started yoga and tried every pillow available. Sent the ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress and pillows back as they weren’t working for me, so I was sceptical over another type of foam.

The Levitex Pillow has made a real difference to my sleep and in turn my neck. It stops me from moving too much while I sleep and movement in my neck has improved substantially.”

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Our neck pain pillow is used by:

A Levitex pillow will help relieve your neck pain, but its many benefits make it perfect for sportspeople, too. We have been working with the Sale Sharks Rugby Union squad, Paralympic swimmers, Olympians, and footballers. Why? Because understanding the importance of sleep in your rest, recovery, and rehabilitation helps maximise performance. In other words, would you like to find the extra edge in your sport?

Richard Whitehead MBE

Multi Paralympic Champion Athlete

“Every night I rest and recover on a Levitex Pillow, ready to train again the next day. Perfect for posture.”

Morgan Lake

Team GB Highjumper

“Very excited to be a Levitex supported athlete. Where possible, I take the pillow away with me when I’m competing or training away to make sure I’m consistent with my rest and recovery. 

Katy Marchant

Team GB Track Cyclist, Olympic Bronze Medallist

“I love the way the pillow doesn’t move through the night, a great balance of comfort and support…The first night was actually so goooood! I take my pillow with me all around the world, it flew with me to Australia recently”

Tom Hamer

Paralympic World Champion, Paralympic Silver Medallist

Having travelled away to train this month and sleeping in regular beds I’ve found it really difficult. Really miss my own bed now, after the first couple of nights feeling a bit uncomfortable, can genuinely say it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on!

If you work in elite sport and would like to talk to us about purchasing our products for yourself or your club, squad or team then please contact us on  Above all, we know that maintaining the correct sleep posture improves sport performance.

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Levitex® Gravity Defying Pillow

Available in four depths tailored to fit your sleeping position


Levitex® Mattress

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