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We save your posture while you work from home

Your sofa and kitchen table are bad for your back
– here’s the solution


Feel better through what you sleep on

Working from home? Meet your new essential

How is your posture doing when you work from home?

We are willing to bet that your kitchen table/dining room set up/sofa are not ideal for your back. At all.

The six to eight hours you are asleep is actually the time to forget the terrible posture of the day, and give your body the time to recover.

Our innovative foam pillow enables you to do just that.

Using a Levitex® Pillow will…

Lessen tension in neck and shoulders

Improve posture

Aid neck pain

Improve digestion and circulation

Boost energy levels (you will wake up rested)

Increase lung capacity

If you have been working from home, and having your neck and back suffer in the process, then this is the solution you have been looking for.

neck pain pillow blue tag

Your day time posture is impacted by what you sleep on

The easiest way to improve your WFH life

From the way it is looking, we have a good few months of WFH-ing left. The sooner you begin to sleep on a pillow that is specifically made to help your body recover at night, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

So simple, yet so good. Physios agree.

Expert approved

I love the fact that I have something that can help my patients, and that is where Levitex comes in. I love that when my patients say, 'what can I do at night?', I have the answers, I have something for them.

Rivka GoldblattOakley Physio

Find your perfect pillow:

child sleeping on neck pain pillow


An 8cm deep pillow
for children or for people with a small frame that sleep on their back.


neck pain pillow for medium frame back sleepers


A 10cm deep pillow
recommended for people with a medium frame that sleep on their back.


side sleeper on a neck pain pillow


A 12cm deep pillow
recommended for people with a medium frame that sleep on their side.


neck pain pillow for wide frame side sleepers

Extra Large

A 14cm deep pillow
recommended for people with a large frame that sleep on their side.



Want to know more about what makes us so special?

We have invented a revolutionary foam that we make our pillow out of

We are the people who normally help deal with the consequences of bad posture (which range from a stiff neck, to much more unpleasant stuff). Our founder, James, thought that there must be a way to optimise posture during the hours that we are asleep. There was not, so he invented his own, working with pain medicine consultants, posture experts, and physios.

The secret of our pillow is that it is soft enough to take pressure off your body, yet firm enough to keep your head in the (right) place and maintain a correct posture.

what makes this pillow so special

We are better for you than any other pillow

a table comparing our pillow against other pillows

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