The Gravity Defying Levitex® Mattress

No springs, no pockets, no 640 quadrants, no layers of outdated technology. Just a clinically-proven, pressure reducing, posture improving,  Levitex foam mattress. Experience a still and restful night’s sleep, you won’t feel your partner move and turn over during the night. Levitex is not temperature sensitive so whether its 100ºF or -10℃ the performance of the foam will not be affected.

Due to the way our Levitex® Foam supports your head whilst you sleep, it enables perfect spine alignment targeting your posture and helping to reduce neck and back pain, allowing you to wake every morning feeling refreshed, rested and renewed.

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Our Mattresses are currently unavailable to purchase online. However if you are involved in elite sport and want to organise purchasing a mattress as part of our Sleep for Sport program then please contact us directly on– available in the 4 standard sizes of mattress, single, double, king and Super King size.


£ 399

eachKickstarter price £389


£ 549

eachKickstarter price £539


£ 659

eachKickstarter price £649

Super Kingsize

£ 789

eachKickstarter price £779

Game Changer

Our Levitex® Mattresses are being user tested by Sale Sharks rugby union players, coaches and physios as well as World champion swimmers, cyclists and athletes.

Could a Levitex® Mattress give you the edge in your chosen sport?

“As a swimmer I tend to get up very early to train and then go back to bed in the afternoon for a rest before an evening training session. Im finding it great for both a good night’s sleep as well as those short hour rests during the day. If anything I’m tending to oversleep in the afternoon. Feeling very rested and recovered ready for my evening training sessions.”
Tom Hamer – World Champion Para-swimmer

For the recuperation, recovery and rehabilitation of back and neck pain whilst you sleep