Sleep for Sport

Over the last couple of months we launched our Sleep for Sport program, aimed at educating elite athletes about the importance of sleep and how it affects their injury rates, accuracy, reaction times and career longevity.

Hydration, nutrition, conditioning and mental preparation; The basic ingredients for any sport stars! Sleep – equally important and often overlooked.

We are finding that there is lots of knowledge in the field of sport into Nutrition, hydration, conditioning, mental well-being but little to no knowledge or education about the need for sleep.

We have already worked with professional male and female footballers, rugby players, cricketers, cyclists and swimmers. Working alongside the club’s physios and S&C coaches to help improve the sleep health of their whole squads, youth and senior.

Working with Sale Sharks we have developed a bespoke neoprene pillow bag which will allow the players to carry their pillows to away games and allow them to gain a bit of consistency in their sleep surfaces.

Get in touch on enquiries@levitexfoams.com to book us to come and discuss Sleep for Sport with your club.

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“If you told an athlete you had a treatment that would reduce the chemicals associated with stress, that would naturally increase human growth hormone, that enhances recovery rate, that improves performance, they would all do it. Sleep does all of those things.”

Casey Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Mavericks