Self-proning with Levitex® Pillows

Dr. Ilan Lieberman is the medical director here at Levitex and over the past couple of months, he’s been working on the front line with the team at Wythenshawe Hospital in the fight against Covid-19.

Based on his experience in ICU here is a downloadable guide and some helpful videos to how you can reduce the symptoms of Covid-19 in your own home.

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Introducing Levitex® – a new, innovative foam technology
set to revolutionise your lying surface.

A range of pillows, toppers and mattresses that are soft and pressure relieving yet firm and supportive – optimising your posture whilst you sleep.

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Gravity defying

The properties of the innovative Levitex® Foam is such that the user does not need to apply a large force for it to compress by 25% of its original size making it very soft and conforming, perfect for reducing the pressure on your body. However, at a much greater force, 65% compression of its original size Levitex® offers a firmness consistent with a traditional sprung mattress helping maintain a perfect sleeping posture.

Our products have been clinically tested and prove to be pressure relieving or in our own words ‘Gravity Defying‘.

We’d like to talk about posture.

Because no one else is. When we think of posture we remember our mums telling us to stop slouching, sit up straight or to stand with our chest out, shoulder’s back. However whilst you sleep could be the most important time to consider posture because of the length of time you remain in the same position. Poor posture can lead to no end of complications from neck ache to back pain and in the elderly – pressure related problems. Correcting sleeping posture is our mission.


Repair • Restore • Rehabilitate

By tackling the three main problems associated with restful sleep, a Levitex® mattress allows the body the optimum surface for recovery. Working with elite athletes, we are helping them with their recovery in order for them to gain the extra percentage they need to give them the edge. Allowing their bodies to heal and a more restful sleep ready to go again.

Levitex® have been working with the Sale Sharks Rugby Union squad, as well as elite paralympic swimmers, Olympic cyclists and female footballers, helping them to maximise their performance and understand the importance of Sleep in their rest, recovery and rehabilitation. Could a Levitex Pillow help you find that extra edge in your sport?

Richard Whitehead MBE

Multi Paralympic Champion Athlete

“Every night I rest and recover on a Levitex Pillow, ready to train again the next day. Perfect for posture.”

Morgan Lake

Team GB Highjumper

“Very excited to be a Levitex supported athlete. Where possible, I take the pillow away with me when I’m competing or training away to make sure I’m consistent with my rest and recovery. 

Katy Marchant

Team GB Track Cyclist, Olympic Bronze Medallist

“I love the way the pillow doesn’t move through the night, a great balance of comfort and support…The first night was actually so goooood! I take my pillow with me all around the world, it flew with me to Australia recently”

Tom Hamer

Paralympic World Champion, Paralympic Silver Medallist

Having travelled away to train this month and sleeping in regular beds I’ve found it really difficult. Really miss my own bed now, after the first couple of nights feeling a bit uncomfortable, can genuinely say it’s the best mattress I’ve ever slept on!

If you work in elite sport and would like to talk to us about purchasing our products for yourself or your club, squad or team then please contact us on

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