Reviews of Levitex

“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees early last year, the right one is more severe than the left – literally bone on bone, and so getting comfortable in bed can take a bit of work, plus waking up in the night with the pain was causing me restless nights. I have had a memory foam mattress for a good few years now along with a standard pillow, but the Levitex pillow has really made a difference; far more than I could have imagined. Due to the distortion in my right knee I have to sleep on my left hand side or it causes me discomfort, so I’d spend five-ten minutes getting settled so my knees were comfy and then get the pillow in the right position. One wouldn’t be right so once that was done the other was wrong so it would start all over again.

With the pillow, all the faff of getting that how I like it is gone and I can concentrate on getting my legs and knees right. It is also very unusual for me to wake up due to knee pain; the pillow is cooling, supportive and very comfortable and I wish I could get it in my hand luggage when I go on holiday! (I really look forward going to my bed when I get back!).

Thank you  to all those behind Levitex for such a fantastic product. If the pillows and the mattresses help people as much as the pillow has helped me then there will be a lot more comfortable nights’ sleep for many.”