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Sleep Posture Mattress for back pain & more

Back pain is the worst, as is getting a poor sleep at night. Our clinically researched mattress for back pain is here to solve both of these problems.

Our founder James has spent a great chunk of his life helping people with postural care. What he has learnt along the way, is that good posture, one that makes back pain a thing of the past, is strongly connected to how we sleep. Specifically, what we sleep on.

We spend a third of our lives in bed. Why would you not want your mattress to go the extra mile for you?

The Levitex foam mattress works by assisting your sleep posture, therefore eliminating back pain, as you rest.

The optimum mattress for back pain and sleep posture

Reduce pain and help your posture as you sleep

We don’t want to experience pains and wiggles, and we have learnt that the key to getting rid of them is optimising your sleep posture.

When we try to maintain a good posture, we are continuously fighting against gravity.  If your body sinks into your mattress, you cannot control your posture. It is really as simple as that.

Optimising your posture at night allows you to fight gravity and maintain a good spinal alignment.

Good sleep posture can…

Improve your sleep posture

Reduce your lower back pain

Improve your digestion and circulation

Boost your energy levels

Lessen the tension in your neck and shoulders

Increase your lung capacity

Improve your core strength

For perfect posture and the elimination of back pain

The Levitex® Mattress for back pain

No springs, no pockets, no 640 quadrants, no layers of outdated technology. Just a clinically proven, pressure reducing, posture improving, Levitex foam mattress that will help reduce your back pain. Experience a still and restful night’s sleep: you won’t feel your partner move and turn over. Our mattress is not temperature sensitive either, so whether its 100ºF or -10℃, the performance of the foam will not be affected.

Available in four standard UK sizes: single, double, king and super king.

  • Levitex Gravity Defying Mattress


What makes our mattress so special?

Levitex® Foam: an innovation in helping back pain

We have taken five years to make sure we get our revolutionary foam right. Tirelessly, we have consulted postural care specialists, pain medicine professionals, physios, professional athletes and office workers. Our goal was simple: to create something both as soft as memory foam, and as firm as a sprung mattress.

We knew we had succeeded when we got our first Levitex foam prototype. The way that the foam works is that at 25% compression (light squeeze), the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze) the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

Regardless of your previous sleep habits, the time to start improving your sleep posture and reducing your back pain is now.

pressure relieving graph for back pain reduction

The evolution of a mattress

Many of the parts of a mattress that we take for granted today date back over 40 years, or more. New mattresses generally use a combination of these established technologies. A Levitex® mattress, only uses new Levitex® Foam. A new innovation in sleep.

Traditionally, mattresses were stuffed with anything lying around, such as wool, hay, down, and any other material you could find that was at least semi-soft.


historic hay mattress graphic

In the 1870s, the first sprung mattresses were developed in Germany. The downside of a fully sprung mattress is when someone rolls over, anyone sharing the bed feels it and is disturbed, not ideal for their proprioception.


historic mattress graphic

The early 1920s saw the introduction of pocket spring mattresses, allowing the springs to be isolated, and negating the movement problem. However, a sprung mattress puts too much pressure back on the body.


historic mattress type pocket spring

The 1930s saw the invention of latex foam, with Dunlop scientist E.A. Murphy using his wife’s cake mixer to create the foam. However, fully latex mattresses were very heavy and expensive to make.


graphic of historic latex mattress

Late 1960s saw the invention of memory foam. It’s famous for hugging the body, as it compresses under pressure. Memory foam mattresses became increasingly popular into the 1990s. However, with more understanding of posture it was then realised that memory foam was very poor for spinal alignment. Due to the body-hugging nature of the foam, it was incredibly poor for temperature regulation, too.


graphic of historic mattress type memory foam

Ahoy there! In the 1970s and early 80s, the invention of water beds revolutionised the sleep market. At one point, 20% of mattress sales were water beds. They were terrible for a bodies’ proprioception when asleep. Not ideal for seasickness sufferers either.


graphic of historic mattress type water bed

Airbeds, not just for camping. Developed in the mid 1980s and popular in hospital settings due to their lightweight nature, and the ability to regulate the air to certain areas. Whilst good for pressure management, they are terrible for proprioception.


graphic of historic mattress types air bed

There were no further new technologies in mattresses, just improvements on what was already available. However, in the early 2000s, the first bed in a box was developed. A composite of existing technologies, it was produced in order to create lightweight mattresses that could be rolled up for easy shipping. The layers and compositions vary, but many still combine a combination of springs, latex and memory foam.


graphic of historic mattress type bed in box

As memory foam continues to be used in mattresses, a gel substance was developed to help regulate the temperature. It is incredibly heavy in its full layer, so often mattresses contain beads of the gel, or very thin layers, in order to help their temperature regulation properties.


graphic of historic mattress type gel

Developed over the last 5 years and launched in 2019, Levitex® Foam is the newest innovation in mattress technology. Our foam shows great results in combating pressure, posture and proprioception. It is the first product on the market that does not compromise one of the key factors in sleep problems.


current best mattress type levitex back pain mattress

“The Levitex Mattress is epic! Feel like the back is getting better already”

Will Satch MBE – Olympic Rower

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Our back pain mattress is used by:

sleep for sport logo

A Levitex mattress for back pain will help relieve your aches and back issues, but its many benefits make it perfect for sports people, too. We have been working with the Sale Sharks Rugby Union squad, Paralympic swimmers, Olympians, and footballers. Why? Because understanding the importance of sleep in your rest, recovery, and rehabilitation helps maximise performance. In other words: would you like to join the sportspeople who have already found their extra edge?

mark cueto headshot

Mark Cueto

Ex Sale Sharks and England International, Sale Sharks Commercial Director

“We were really impressed with the Levitex products, I’ve been using a Levitex Mattress and it’s a game changer. We’ve had all our academy players using them and recently first team members have been trialing pillows and mattresses.”

ed clancy on bike during a race

Ed Clancy OBE

Champion Track Cyclist, Olympic Gold Medallist

“Looking ahead to this season I see my Levitex Mattress as an integral part of my kit. I had back surgery before the last Olympics so anything that helps take off the pressure and improves my posture is a massive help.”

will satch headshot during a race

Will Satch MBE

Champion Rower, Olympic Gold Medallist

The Levitex Mattress is epic! Feel like the back is getting better already. Every night I rest and recover on Levitex Products, ready to train again the next day. Perfect for posture.”

gareth evans lifting a weight

Gareth Evans

Commonwealth Champion Weightlifter

“I’ve been using a Levitex Pillow and I’m made up with how it has helped with my positioning while I sleep. As well as being really comfortable! This is obviously super important for an athlete.”

If you work in elite sport and would like to talk to us about purchasing our products for yourself or your club, squad or team then please contact us on enquiries@levitexfoams.com.  Above all, we know that maintaining the correct sleep posture improves sport performance.

As researched by

woman with back pain sitting on a bed

Levitex® Mattress

Made with pure Levitex® foam – Available in four standard sizes

neck pain pillow

Levitex® Gravity Defying Pillow

Available in four depths tailored to fit your sleeping position



💤 Which is the best mattress for back pain?

To help get rid of your back pain as you sleep, choose a mattress that helps you maintain a correct sleep posture at night. The best mattress for back pain will be approved by posture specialists, firm enough to not allow you to sink into it, yet soft enough to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

💤 How do I prevent waking up with back pain?

To prevent waking up with back pain, ensure that you maintain a good posture during the day, and sleep on a mattress that helps you optimise your sleeping position during the night, too.

💤 What sleeping position is best for neck pain?

When choosing a mattress to help your back pain, ensure that the material it is made of is clinically researched to reduce pressure on your body, as this is one of the main causes of back pain. The best mattress for back pain will not be too soft or too firm either – but rather somewhere exactly in between. However, it is not recommended that you choose a memory foam mattress, as while these are great for redistributing pressure, they also mould to your body and solidify bad sleep posture habits

💤 Can your mattress impact how your back feels in the morning?

Yes, the mattress that you sleep on will be one of the biggest factors in whether you wake up with back pain. Aim to choose a mattress that is specifically made to help ease back pain if you suffer from it. However, even if you do not suffer from back pain, choosing a mattress that is made to aid it, will help you prevent back pain in the future.

💤 Is memory foam good for back pain?

No, as the name indicates, memory foam will memorise the position in which you sleep. If this position is bad for your back (which is likely if you have back pain), then you will find yourself stuck in a cycle of being unable to improve it.