The Gravity Defying Levitex® Pillow

No fancy shape, no fancy piping, no fancy fillings. Just an ergonomically shaped pillow using revolutionary Levitex® Foam designed to fit into a regular pillow case. Tackling the three main problems with sleep – posture, pressure and proprioception we’ve created the optimum surface for sleep, and that starts at the head of the bed.

Due to the way our Levitex® Foam supports your head whilst you sleep, it enables perfect spine alignment targeting your posture and helping to reduce neck and back pain, allowing you to wake every morning feeling refreshed, rested and renewed.

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“I love the way the pillow doesn’t move through the night, a great balance of comfort and support…The first night was actually so goooood!”

Katy Marchant, GB Track Cyclist

Game Changer

Our Levitex® Pillows are being used by the Sale Sharks rugby union squad in order to help them rest fitfully before each game and recover and recuperate as quickly as possible afterwards.

Could a Levitex® Pillow be the last piece in your kitbag to give you the edge in your chosen sport?

For the recuperation, recovery and rehabilitation of back and neck pain whilst you sleep